Digital Media I – ART 1550
David Sullivan

2. IDENTITY - Due March 4th

In this project, you will create an identity for an organization, product, or idea. This can be real or imaginary.The project consists of two parts; a logo, and a poster. For this project, you can continue to use photoshop, but we will also explore Illustrator, and the differences between bitmaps and vectors.

The logo will be a concise, graphic representation of whatever you are trying to represent. Bring in to class one or two logos that you think are effective and we will discuss why they work (or don't).. In preparation for the logo, we will look at typefaces and colors. Your logo should be created in Adobe Illustrator as vector art, and consist of a color and a black and white version.

some logos

amazon abc apple
disney starbucks target
windows saints ugli

Check out the work of Saul Bass here
More logos here

The poster will use the logo and the concepts from the first part and build on them. The poster will give you an opportunity to work on a larger scale. Collect or create images that will be used to convey your concept. they can be photographs, illustrations, patterns, etc. Using these elements (and your logo) create a poster 20" x 24".Print the finished poster on the plotter.

Posters started with the printing press and were for propaganda (religious, political)

Soviet posters
John Heartfield: google images, dove, butter, no pasaran
constructivist posters: rodchenko
dada posters: merz
more saul bass posters

Graphis poster design annuals
How poster design winners

more posters


           How does size change perception?

           How do you confront size every day, and how is it used to manipulate you?


a. Bring to class one or two logos that you think are effective and tell us why. Create your own logo using Adobe Illustrator. Make a color and a black & white version. Here is a brief guide to using illustrator.

b. Create a poster (about 20" x 24") that incorporates your logo using Illustrator and photoshop.